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Simple License by e-payment and software unlock code exchange and payment after shareware period
Example: LingBench IDE Light and SpeechBench/edu license for one computer
A program can be downloaded for free and used for some weeks. To continue to use the program after this period, payment is necessary, upon which the client gets an unlock code in return for his unique pre-unlockcode. The unlock code allows the client to start to use the program without time limit.

License through signed standard contract
Examples: LingBench IDE and/or LingBench SDK, or Language Models if and when available of the shelf and if license allows a fixed number of end users.

Development & License through signed customized time span contract
Examples: Dialogue System (optionally speech enabled) and dedicated Language and Dialogue Models within agreed timeframe and fulfilling certain quality/functional requirements (In phases, each with deadline/delivery/acceptance/payment).

Special trust & cooperation license contract
Examples: licenses for advanced LingBench IDE/SDK pre-beta versions and/or language model sources, often within the framework of academic cooperation.

Royalties contract standard/customized/negotiated
Examples: LingBench engine SDK and/or Language Models if license allows an unlimited number of end users. So normally in combination with a basic license. (See also Quick Guide)

Service contract standard/customized/negotiated
Time span contracts usually covering years, involving help, version updates and/or specific adaptations

Extra software/languages components or versions
Applies if the client has already other languages/software components. License or royalties contracts that add software components, language model layers, language models or versions to an existing contract at reduced prices.

License or royalties contracts that cover update software or model versions to an existing signed contract from earlier date at reduced prices. (If such updates are not within the original contracts).

Billing is of course done at the times, and according to the modalities described in the contract. If the payments are not carried out within the agreed time, delay dependent extra costs will be billed. For an internet e-payment, the goods are prepaid, and if the unlock key doesn’t arrive within the specified time after payment+ pre-unlockcode is received at Natlanco, the money will be refunded.

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