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General philosophy
All parts of our technology are part of one big, consistent vision and setup.
Everything is on the other hand modular and recombinable.
Infinite growability of all implementations for which this is potentially relevant.
Extreme separation of software and language/speech/interaction models
Software is maximally language universal, so not just language independent.
Algorithmic speed is considered very important.
Compatibility with standards, and backward compatibility (previous versions) are important.
Stability, efficiency, user friendliness, intuitivity, customizability as well as esthetical appearance (in that order !), are the driving forces that reign our tool developments.

Natural Language Processing
Innovative ultra high speed, high quality modular engines each can deal with their specific language layer, provided they are installed with a given language model for that layer.
The modules can work separately or in combination. The modules can deal with probabilities on whatever layer this is useful. The modules can deal with continuous streams or item by item input. The modules are conceived as static or dynamic libraries, which can be joined with our users applications through an API interface.
Gradually most modules will become of-the-shelf SDKs with all necessary documentation.

Natural Language Modeling
Innovative, ultra efficient, highly integrated, language modeling tool with very intuitive 3D grammar editing, especially useful to improve already good language models. Includes many morphologic and syntactic grammar and lexicon building features, as well as external format imports and exports.

Meaning Processing
Being developed along the general philosophy.

Speech Processing
Being developed further along the general philosophy, with extra attention to algorithm exchangeability. Has already led to a lip-syncing software module that generates directions to drive speaking character animation programs, in real time and with a minimal delay between microphone human voice input and animated character lip movement. This means this technology can be used in live TV shows. Another technology leads to tools for speech therapy, for measuring and training of patients.

Speech Modeling
Being developed along the general philosophy. Semi-automatic speech model acquisition for speaker independent recognition.

See Speech Processing

All key technological innovations are protected by international patents.

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